Seasonal Students' Activities Program

It is a seasonal program implemented by Dubai Police Student Council in cooperation with various relevant partners. This program aims at supporting the families' efforts to create valuable opportunities and programs that would benefit their children and contribute to safeguarding and protecting them from any potential risks around them.

Participation has been opened for male and female students of public and private schools and from different nationalities from 11 to 18 years old, in all summer, winter, and spring programs.

These programs provide students with various security and cognitive skills and comprises their various talents.

The program includes students' seasonal activities and courses about values and positive citizenship as well as equitation (horse riding) , diving, music, oratory, photography, positive friendship, leadership, volunteerism, loyalty, coexistence, tolerance, pedestrian training, security sense, future officer and miscellaneous lectures. The Dubai Police has carefully selected such courses as they promote students' sense of belonging, culture of respecting the law, implanting discipline, order, time management, responsibility and self-confidence. They invest their energies positively. All of this should build a generation able to serve their society.

One of the objectives of the Dubai Police strategies is to preserve the national identity and achieve security and stability in the society. Therefore, it is keen to strengthen its social role and to organize activities and programs that highlight the talents and abilities of students according to modern scientific bases in their training and under the supervision of specialists when it comes to directing them. It is a cornerstone to refine the potential of individuals in the future.

Awareness program service is concerned for any request related in providing with special workshops. lectures exhibitions and events related to drugs awarness


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