The “Hemaya Students & Communal Awareness Competition” seeks to invest the technical creativity of students to enhance their roles and capabilities in dealing with risks and challenges facing them, especially with regard to security issues, and to consolidate their societal roles to support the security awareness process in the community.

This competition also comes within the framework of keeping pace with government trends aimed at converting instructional and educational methods and methods into electronic using artificial intelligence techniques.


  • Adopting creativity, innovation and skills development in the field of security awareness.
  • Enhancing communication with students on security issues.
  • Strengthening the family role in dealing with updates and emergencies.


  • The role of students in promoting positive family interaction in periods of crisis.
  • Better investment for spare time indoors.
  • How to deal with rumors during different circumstances and fears.
  • Optimal use of social media and avoiding being a victim of electronic blackmail or extremist intellectual sites.
  • The national role of students in dealing with crises.

Competition target groups:

  • All students of public and private schools nationwide and of all nationalities.


1. Short films

  • The duration of the film should be 180 seconds.
  • The movie should be uploaded in MP4, MOV format.

2. Clips (flashes)

  • Not exceeding (20) seconds.

3. Graphics

  • Drawings should be size (A3).
  • Drawings should be manual.

Prize value (in Emirati Dirhams)

Flash category

  • First Rank : 2000 DHS
  • Second Rank : 1500 DHS
  • Third Rank : 1000 DHS

Short Film Category

  • First Rank : 2500 DHS
  • Second Rank : 1500 DHS
  • Third Rank : 1000 DHS

Drawing Category

  • First Rank : 1500 DHS
  • Second Rank : 1000 DHS
  • Third Rank : 500 DHS

General terms and conditions

  • The participant must be a student in one of the schools of the United Arab Emirates, whether governmental or private, and for all other nationalities.
  • All participation items must be produced and created by the student in person, and made specifically for “Hemaya Students & Communal Awareness Competition” and the award is not responsible for the non-original posts, which violate copyrights, and any musical or intellectual rights, and such plagiarizing will be excluded once detected.
  • The participation should not have been previously shown on any TV station or social media platform, or if it had participated in other competitions.
  • Students must link their participation item to the themes mentioned on the poster. This link must be clearly mentioned.
  • The “Hemaya Students & Communal Awareness Competition” reserves the rights to display, publish, and promote winning entries and their information in any way it sees it.
  • Participant are committed to show decent content, commensurate with the customs and traditions of the Emirati society in all categories of the competition.
  • The participation should include clear educational/ instructional advice/ guidance.
  • Participants in the short films and flash categories are required to attach and download the original copy in the electronic participation form.
  • Participants in the graphics category are required to attach the participation image to the electronic participation form and send it manually later.
  • Fill in the attached electronic participation form.
  • Submissions deadline

    Deadline for submitting entries will be on 30th Jun, 2020.

    General inquiry

  • 046096645
  • 046096728
  • 046096696
  • 046096623
  • Note

    Students are kindly requested to retain all the participation items/ works. When required, they will be manually delivered through communication with the students after having determined the handover mechanism.


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