Hemaya field Competition- (Military & Musical) for both Dubai government and private schools students- is a contest that aims at reinforcing and building student's personalities, refining thier talents and boosting thier leadership. This is to take place in a creative atmosphere of competitivness. By professional Dubai Police Academy field and music trainers, Students will have training sessions at thier schools and among thier schoolmates and teachers. At the conclusion, skills they will have acquired at the Dubai Police Academy field will be competed among them during a big celebration where winners are going to obtain thier prizes.

Competition Objectives

  • Discipline
  • Leadership Skills
  • Adopting & Enhancing Students’ Talents
  • Building local musical bands that parallels international musical corps

First: Military Competition

Military Competition is divded into three segments of skills:

Field Infantry

Total Scores 25 all options are compulsory

  • Slow Marching ( 10 scores )
  • Standard Marching ( 10 scores )
  • Military Presentability ( 5 scores )

Military Parades

Total Score 15 select one option only

  • Ground Formations (15 scores)
  • Signal Baton Parade (15 scores)
  • Ground Formations (15 scores)

Flag Parade

Total Score 10 select one option only

  • Raising Flag (10 scores)
  • Field Leadership (10 scores)
  • National Anthem (10 scores)

Military Competition Conditions


  • A student must be between 12 and 18 years old.
  • Total number of one school participants is from 25 to 35.
  • Candidates must be fit.
  • Training is 40 minutes before first school class.
  • A candidate must be void of any serious illness that might hinder his/her military effort.

Secondly: Musical Competition

Musical Competition is divded into three segments of skills:

Military Music Parades

Total Scores 20 all options are compulsory

  • Standstill Performance (10 scores)
  • Marching Parade (10 scores)

Formation Parades

Total Score 10 select one option only

  • Decorative Formations (10 scores)
  • Formation Parade (10 scores)

Rhythms and Performance

Total Score 20 all options are compulsory

  • Variability of Beats (10 scores)
  • Synchronization (10 scores)

Instruments Type:

Choose the insturment as below

  • Base Drums
  • Senar Drums
  • Cymbals (optional)
  • Multi-teno (optional)

Musical Competition Conditions


  • A student’s age must be between 12 and 18.
  • Minimum number is 15.
  • Candidates must be medically fit.

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