A Prelude:

Hemaya Clip seeks to launch and invest artistic creations made by students in order to reinforce security and protecting society from all kinds of law breeching and crimes. This competition has come, furthermore, in order to provide awareness and protective materials that suit the actual community needs that cope the social and technical development. Integrating them in such messages of the community-oriented security institutions is a necessity that all parts need to collaborate to implement.

Why Hemaya Clip?

  • Building creativity and innovation in the field of awareness.
  • Consolidating communication with youth.
  • Foresighting security future through the youth’ eyes.

Who can participate?

  • Students at one of the universities, institutes or colleges inside the United Arab Emirates of all nationalities and citizens with overseas scholarships.

What are messages of Hemaya Clip?

Prevention of misusing psychological medical drugs

  • Misusing psychological medical drugs became one of the main reasons of abusing drugs and addiction. This problem has become increasingly complicated in the light of growing and increasing numbers of psychological medical drugs that some have been dealing with easily and irresponsibly. How to produce a clip that raises awareness about such dangers and methods of prevention?

Role of family in preventing drugs

  • UAE has recognized the importance of family role in protecting and preventing their children from dangers of drugs, whether through keeping them away from drugs, or seeking treatment from competent authorities. Article 43 of Narcotics Act of 2016 was therefore enacted to be the legal basis for supporting family.


Cyberbullying and blackmail

  • The Internet and social media tools have benefits; however, they have negative effects, such as cyberbullying, blackmail and cyber harassment practiced by some people, who may inadvertently fall under the law. Some also deliberately commit such crimes, hence the importance of protecting our lives and children and securing electronic accounts from hacking, ...etc. What are the best awareness messages that can be addressed to society members?

Prevention of Internet addiction

  • Health and Psychiatric Institutions have considered Internet Addiction Disorder as a new mental disorder from which society members must be protected. Figures and statistics indicate an increasing number of hours of Internet use, which may expose individuals to such disorder.


Total prizes value

  • 100,000 DH

What are the terms and conditions?

  • An applicant must be a student at one of the universities, institutes or colleges inside the United Arab Emirates & citizens with overseas scholarships.
  • The authors of original copyrighted material must be mentioned in case any subjects or references available on the internet or any other archives are used.
  • All clips must be genuine works of their creators and especially made for Hemaya Clip. The prize will not comprise any unoriginal, plagiarized or anti-copyright works. Any illicit work will be discarded.
  • An applicant must obtain complete consents from the participating work team collaborating in the clip, photographs, posters and any related material. Hemaya Clip will not bear any consequences, claims or complaints after clips have been posted and published.
  • Any participating clips must not be previously shown on any TV station, social media platform or YouTube.
  • Hemaya Clip shall preserve the rights of projecting, publishing and posting the winner clips and relevant information in any convenient way.
  • What are the terms and conditions?

  • A clip duration must be one minute (60 seconds).
  • Clips which are not in English language or Arabic language must include English language subtitles.
  • A clip must be uploaded with extension MOV,MP4 and a resolution not less than 1080 HD.
  • Participant must upload original files upon request.
  • When can participations be submitted?

    Receiving submissions: 1st - 31st December, 2019

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