Community Programs Division

Community Programs Division is concerned with the implementation of awareness and prevention programs in the ambient of juvenile communities and family in different locations and occasion. This is in order to accomplish strategic objectives of Dubai Police: "A Secure City".


  • Percentage of implementing community programs throughout the year.
  • Percentage of new drug abusers.


  • Designing, developing and implementing preventive programs for all segments of society in order to raise their sense of security.
  • spreading security awareness to all segments of society and demonstrating the hazards and harms of drug abuse.
  • Consolidating of trust orders between authority personnel and segments of society
  • Activating the partnership in the field of awareness between the Department and partners, which supports the strategic objectives of the Force

Target Segments

  • Youngsters
  • Workers in social and family institutions
  • Teachers
  • Family

Sorts of Community Programs

  • Events scheduled for the year:
    • Event
    • Date
    • Synopsis (optional)
  • Response to external orders within a timeframe

Awareness program service is concerned for any request related in providing with special workshops. lectures exhibitions and events related to drugs awarness

To Apply:
Upload and offical letter from the entity with the provision of electronic e-mail, locatoin and contact details.

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